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Are you a lesbian, and would to wear something special on a Lesbian Pride Day? Then you have come to the right place because our exclusive collection of Lesbian Shirts are designed to serve the purpose. So, never hide your identity and celebrate for being lesbian by participating in a parade or street parties. You can still wear our collection if you don’t belong to the community – in this way, you can show your support for them because the globalization of lesbian pride and identity has, however, resulted in critiques from both anti‐lesbian and radical queer positions.

The LGBT community has embraced certain symbols and colors for self-identification to demonstrate pride, unity, allegiance, and shared values to one another. So, the lesbian and gay community pride represents the rainbow color around the world. Actually, there’s no pride flag designed so far for the lesbian community – So, in order to fight for your pride, these exclusive tee-shirts are the perfect way to do that smartly.


The Rainbow Brand is the fabulous pride shopping for all your lesbian t-shirts and other accessories. Our collection is meticulously designed by Lesbian designers, who exactly know the requirement of the community. The tee-shirts are made of 100% pure ring-spun cotton material, which keeps you breathable and comfortable without suffocating. The use of eco-friendly material features moisture-wicked fabric that dries quickly and keeps you cool even in hot summer.


Our designer tee-shirts are printed with high-quality eco-friendly ink that never fades or pales off even after several washes. Our shirts are made of 100% premium quality fabric that neither fades its color not pale off printing even after several machine washes. We always strive to meet the expectation of the Lesbian community by providing the most advanced designs in the best wholesale price without compromising the quality. We bet that you’ll be satisfied with the shopping experience from The Rainbow Brand.


So, uplift your style statement by wearing the exclusive collection of lesbian shirts that never hide your pride. You’ll never find these unique tee designs anywhere else in stores except The Rainbow Brand. It’s time to stand out from the crowd and speak your inside out and tell the society what you are passionate about. These tee makes a great gift to your loved ones for any occasion and shows your respect for lesbian people.


So far, the collection has 32 exclusive products that come in various designs, colors & styles. You can opt from white to black tees that go perfectly for any occasion or event. Every tee-shirt has some printed quotes, slogans, or pictorial representation that helps to show your identity without saying a word to society.

It’s time to rule the world by wearing our classic fit tees and support the community by showing your love and affection to them.