Where To Buy Pride Clothes

by mathieu robert on October 16, 2020

Where To Buy Pride Clothes

Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community and desperately looking for a brand that supports the LGBTQ+ voice, but don't know where to go? Where to buy pride clothes? It's often complicated to find a store where you can buy LGBTQ+ clothing that fits you and tells your story. Luckily The Rainbow's Brand is there for you.

The Rainbow's Brand is the online clothing store dedicated to the Queer fight. Whatever your background, sexual orientation or "gender", you will find here the clothes that tell your story, our story. Of course, the sizes called "woman" or "man" are there to inform you about the shape of your clothes.

You will discover in this LGBT-friendly article: 
  • The official store of the rainbow community.
  • The most popular habit to celebrate Pride Month 

Best Pride Stores

During Pride Month in June, the most famous brands honor the LGBT movement and its history. They proudly display the rainbow colors of our flag for a month and pay tribute to the first Stonewall riot of 1969. H&M, Nike, Adidas, MeUndies and even Target, they are all there to celebrate the pride of our community.

H&M and the LGBT movement:

For its collection that supports LGBT rights H&M has chosen to represent the symbols of the community on many textiles. XXL T-shirts, socks, caps, bananas, or sequined shorts, the rainbow flag is present everywhere. Of course these pieces display slogans of love and unity such as "equality", "love united", "united", "love" and "pride".

But paradoxically, H&M's "Pride" collection is made in Bangladesh, where homosexuality is illegal. Other garments of the 2020 Pride collection were made in China by Muslim slaves, the Uighurs. But since the September 2020 scandal, the brand has decided to stop the production. H&M's Pride 2021 collection may be more "responsible", we will see...

LGBT brands, really?

But unfortunately the fast-fashion brand is not the only one to take these commitments lightly! The American brand Levi's and the British brand Primark also have a very controversial "Pride" collection. The first manufactures its habits in India and the second in Burma: two countries where homosexuality is strictly forbidden.

But there is also Nike and its "Be True", Adidas and its "Pride" shoes, which did not wish to answer the questions about the origin and the production conditions of their sneakers. Some brands, however, demonstrate a greater humanity and commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, such as Apple and its "Rainbow" bracelet produced in Japan, or Burberry, which manufactures its "Rainbow Legacy" line in Scotland and Italy.

The Rainbow’s brand : Official LGBT clothing online

the rainbow's brand - Pride shop

Being part of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community is not just a month of struggle but a lifetime commitment. If you ask me, brands that simply highlight our community for just one month take advantage of what I call the rainbow capitalism, and do not promote or encourage queer liberation. So, how do we do the rest of the year? We choose The Rainbow's brand

The Rainbow's Brand is the online store specializing in LGBT products. Receive wherever you are in the world our products that match your personality. Our high quality printed products have been designed to stand over time. Indeed, we use state-of-the-art digital machines to guarantee a high resolution quality of your clothes. 

In addition to providing great LGBT products, The Rainbow's Brand is committed to making donations throughout the year! Indeed, The Rainbow's Brand gives back to the LGBT community. We are committed to donating one dollar to the Ali Forney Center to promote equality and tolerance, regardless of sexual identity and orientation. Founded in 2002, the Ali Forney Center is today the largest shelter for LGBT youth in the United States. The association welcomes more than 1,400 homeless youths every year. 

The Rainbow's brand pride month clothing lines

Love is not hidden, labels are only useful for your clothes. It is with this strong belief that we have created our clothing brand for the LGBTI+ community.

Pride Shirts

Pride shirts

Our t-shirt collection celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community by taking direct inspiration from the multicolored flag, the work of artist and activist Gilbert Baker. Conceived in 1978, the famous "rainbow flag" has today become the symbol of gay pride and is widely associated with LGBT rights causes

Pride Hoodies

Pride hoodies

Pansexual, gay or lesbian flag? Whatever! Show your pride with one of our high quality hooded sweaters. Pleasant to the touch, these cotton sweaters are as soft as they are comfortable!

Gay pride tank top

gay pride tank top

What? You still don't have your gay pride tank top! It's time for you to get one as soon as possible. Our high quality tank tops celebrate equality and love for all with the colors of the LGBT community flags. 

Don't wait any longer and buy your LGBT clothes on The Rainbow's Brand website!

As we have seen above, it is often too complicated to find brands that are really committed to the LGBT movement and that truly and sincerely defend the civil rights of our community. We are tired of those brands that market LGBT friendly products during Pride Month when in reality they are hypocritical on the issue and buy an "LGBT friendly" consciousness when they simply are not.

It is because of or thanks to this obvious nonsense that we decided to create our own brand of clothing that meets the requirements of a true openly LGBT brand all year round. We have worked hard, very hard, to provide you with quality products that fit you and tell your unique story.

Discover The Rainbow's Brand without further delay! 

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