Lgbt flag meaning

by mathieu robert on March 03, 2020

LGBT Flag meaning

This magnificent pride flag or LGBT flag is a true symbol. It is for us LGBT, what the usa flag is to united-state Behind these 6 colors is a history and a representation of our community. 

The first rainbow flag appeared in 1978, it was used as a symbol of the LGBT movement. Handmade by the American graphic designer and political activist Gilbert Baker, the pride flag contained 8 colours:

The rainbow flag is also very much used for Gay-prides by the community but not only!Indeed, many countries such as Canada, South Africa or even the United States have seen their Rainbow Flag by the LGBTQ+ community in their country.Here are a few examples:

Today the LGBT Flag has become indispensable in the daily life of our community. During the gay pride you will see hundreds of them but also many alternatives including Lesbian Flag, Non-Binary Flag, etc.We feel it is everyone's duty to represent our beliefs on a daily basis. That's why we created this 100% LGBT shop to allow people to be more ashamed!



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