Best lgbt movies to watch

by mathieu robert on April 21, 2020
best lgbt movies to watch

As soon as it comes to lesbian, gay or transgender in the brains of a layman who does not have a LGBT acquaintance in their surroundings, a “sex” signal appears immediately, and depending on what emotions he evokes, the average person shows his attitude.


For people, accustomed to the fact that the world exists for them and their pleasures, LGBT love, of course, is a kind of Viagra, a game for their arousal, and imperial proportions.In this article, we are going to reveal top 20 best LGBT films of all time, and the countdown begins: 


1. Brokeback Mountain (USA, 2005)

Everything also takes the first place, not conceding it for the second year already. Some argue that this is not a gay movie, but a universal love story. However, many heterosexuals have an affair on the side, but how many of them can be judged simply for the very “ability” to love another person?

2. Shelter (Shelter, USA, 2007)

The film pushed Beauty and climbed to second place this year. Suddenly a “shooting” film, which received 10 awards at specifically gay film festivals, both from the jury and from the audience. The story of the first love in which there are no gay bars, drugs, AIDS, homophobia. It is for this touching and purity that the film was in 3rd position in the ranking.

3. The last days (Latter Days, USA, 2003)

The last days have also risen one position higher. The story of how opposites attract. The $ 50 debate ends with the birth of a very romantic gay story.

4. Harvey Milk (Milk, USA, 2008)

Released only last year, a biographical film about the fate of Harvey Milk, immediately took the fourth position in the ranking. A film about America’s first policy named Harvey Milk, who openly admitted his homosexual inclinations. He was elected to the city government and advocated the adoption of a bill on the rights of gays and lesbians. 

5. Beauty (Beautiful thing, Great Britain, 1996) 

One of the best films about a teenager who, unlike his peers, unexpectedly finds himself attracted not to girls, but to a guy like himself, has fallen into three positions. 

6. Be yourself (Get real, Great Britain, 1998)

This tape has risen one position. Again teenage theme with a life-affirming ending. 

7. Maurice (Maurice, UK, 1987)

The film, still interesting, but compared with last year, went two positions down. A film adaptation of Forster’s novel about the British aristocracy of the beginning of the last century.

8. If the whole world were mine (Were the World Mine, USA, 2008)

Last year’s new product burst into eighth position. A beautiful fairy tale based on Shakespeare’s plays, telling about a Midsummer Night’s Dream, when a world revolution takes place and gays exchange places with heterosexuals. Now same-sex love is standard, and heterosexual is a perversion.

9. Trick (Trick, USA, 1999)

This tape, due to new products, went 3 positions down. A romantic comedy of two guys looking for a place for sex but finding more.

10. Just a matter of love (France, Belgium, 2000)

This wonderful melodrama, despite the novelties, soared five positions up.
Family drama about true love and relationships with parents.

11. Big Paradise (Big Eden, USA, 2000)

Paradise has moved three positions down. A romantic story about a love triangle, in which the main characters are supported by completely non-homophobic residents of a small American town.

12. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Australia, 1993)

Also fell, but in two positions. Everyone is talking about this film - "classic." Filmed in a period of widespread AIDS fear, this fun comedy showed that dressing up was just a show and returned gay culture to its former role of colorful performance, incendiary for all viewers, regardless of their orientation.

13. Sentimental song (Torch Song Trilogy, USA, 1988)

Considering the two novelties, this film fell only one position, which means that compared to last year, it was still rated better. A beautiful story about the reenactment of love in the gay life of the 70s.

14. Noah's Ark: jumping over a broom (Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, USA, Canada, 2008)

The highly anticipated new product released last year was highly appreciated. The film is the end of the Noah's Ark series, about a very nice company of black gay friends.

15. Club of Broken Hearts: a romantic comedy (The Broken Hearts Club, USA, 2000)

This soulful melodrama was moved as much as six positions compared to last year.
To date, such touching stories about a close company of friends will not surprise anyone, but for its time this film was a breakthrough, laying the foundation for popularity for TV shows like Brothers and Sisters and Dirty Wet Money.

16. Angels in America (Angels in America, USA, 2003)

From the 39th position to this, a fantastic mini-series took off and, in my opinion, deservedly.
Good and wise miniseries about terminally ill people and their lives.

17. A longtime friend (Longtime Companion, USA, 1990)

Again deservedly, this wonderful comedy has risen from the 32nd position.
A comedy on a topic that would seem not funny - AIDS

18. Jeffrey (Jeffrey, USA, 1995)

The AIDS film went down six places. In the late 80s, the gay community was shocked by the tragedy of rapidly spreading AIDS. The film was shot about a gay company in New York that was also affected by this tragedy.

19. The Summer Storm (Germany, 2004)

In principle, this sports comedy remained with its own, given the latest news last year, although in fact it still went two places lower. Infused with humor and irony, the story of the summer adventures of the residents of the sports camp.

20. A guy at least where (All Over the Guy, USA, 2001)

This year, this film was rated higher by three positions. A Story of Acquaintance and Love of Two Opposites

We hope that the filmmakers will not stop there, and every year we will be pleased with new good LGBT films. 

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